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    A Quick Look Back at the History of the First Tow Truck

    Last updated 5 months ago

    Tow trucks are a common sight on today’s roadways. These capable machines are responsible for providing valuable emergency and transport services for motorists and commercial truck drivers alike. Over the decades, tow trucks have evolved to incorporate the latest features and technologies. The tow truck industry can trace its heritage back to the early days of automotive history. To highlight the amazing performance abilities of today’s tow trucks, let’s take a quick look back at the history of the first tow truck.

    Early Tow Truck Inspiration

    The first tow truck was developed by a man named Ernest Holmes Sr. In the year 1916, Holmes was inspired to create a tow truck after a driver in Chattanooga, Tennessee lost control of his Model T and crashed into a river. Holmes, along with nine other men, spent eight hours pulling the car from the water. After recovering the car, Holmes got to work on the first towing vehicle.

    Original Tow Truck Design

    Holmes’ first tow truck model was constructed on the chassis of a 1913 Cadillac. This original wrecker lacked proper stability, and did not hold up during testing. Undeterred, Holmes worked to perfect his design for the first tow truck.

    The Holmes 485 Makes Its Debut

    The first tow truck made its debut in 1919, when Holmes secured a patent for his design. He named the first tow truck the Holmes 485. This wrecker model was the first tow truck to ever be put into production. With his original invention, Holmes paved the way for the tow truck and auto wrecker industry.

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    Examining Your Tow Truck Options

    Last updated 6 months ago

    There are two types of vehicles that are commonly used in the tow truck industry. When you call a tow truck for emergency assistance, you may be towed by either a rollback or a wrecker. These two types of equipment use different towing methods to transport vehicles. Wreckers are designed to tow a vehicle with two wheels touching the surface of the pavement. A rollback can load the entire vehicle onto its towing bed. If you drive a four-wheel-drive or front-wheel-drive vehicle, you may want to ask for a rollback vehicle for your towing needs.

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    A Look At How to Check Your Fluid Levels

    Last updated 6 months ago

    Routine fluid checks are an important component of your regular car maintenance. When checking your radiator fluid, it is important to make sure your engine is totally cool. If your radiator fluid level is below the designated line in the tank, you should refill the reservoir with a mixture of coolant and water. For a closer look at how to check your fluid levels, watch this video from Howdini.

    The expert technicians at All Ways Towing and Transport can help you keep your vehicle in great driving shape. We also offer emergency roadside assistance. Call (877) 898-6993 for more information about the benefits of choosing our Fremont tow truck company for your transportation needs. 

    Factors to Consider When Calling A Tow Truck

    Last updated 6 months ago

    If you experience a vehicle breakdown, it is important to call a tow truck right away. A tow truck company can safely and efficiently move your vehicle off the road and to a service center for repairs. Before you call a tow truck, it is important to collect the proper information. To help you prepare for a vehicle emergency, here are some important factors to consider when calling a tow truck.

    Mechanical Problems

    When you call a tow truck, it is helpful to identify which mechanical problems have caused your vehicle to break down. For example, if you have a flat tire, your tow truck driver can tow you to a tire service center. Other mechanical issues, such as an overheated engine, may require a tow to your auto repair shop.

    Current Location

    To help your tow truck driver locate your vehicle, it is helpful to identify your current location. If you have broken down on the highway, you may look for the nearest exit, mile marker, or road sign. On streets and roads, you can provide your tow truck driver with a street address or the location of the nearest intersection.

    Desired Location

    When calling a tow truck, you may also consider where you would like your vehicle to be towed. If you have a preferred service center, tell the tow truck dispatch that you would like your vehicle to be delivered there. Your tow truck driver can also tow your vehicle home, or take you to the nearest available service station.

    If you are in need of towing services in the Fremont area, do not hesitate to contact All Ways Towing and Transport. Our tow truck company serves Fremont and the surrounding areas with a complete range of towing services and roadside assistance services. For more information about the quality towing services we have to offer, call us at (877) 898-6993. 

    How to Stay Safe in Rainy Driving Conditions

    Last updated 6 months ago

    Winter is in full swing, and many drivers may be facing wet or rainy road conditions during this chilly season. When you are driving on rainy roads, it is important to practice additional caution and care. By maintaining your car and practicing safe driving habits, you can help prevent a collision. When you are driving in rainy conditions this winter, keep these essential driving tips in mind.

    Slow Down

    When you are driving during a rainstorm, it is important to slow down. By reducing your speed, you will be better able to avoid unforeseen obstacles on the road. In addition, slowing down can help prevent skids or hydroplaning. In short, reducing your speed of travel will help you maintain control of your vehicle.

    Tap the Brakes

    If your vehicle begins to skid, it is important to tap the brakes lightly. By using a light touch on the brake pedal, you will prevent your wheels from locking up. During a skid, you must remember to turn your steering wheel in your intended direction of travel. By easing off of the gas and gently turning the wheel, you will get your vehicle back under control.

    Schedule Routine Maintenance

    Routine vehicle maintenance will help you stay safe on rainy roads. During the rainy season, it is important to make sure that your wheels and tires are in excellent condition. If your tire treads are worn, you may want to consider replacing your old tires with a new set. In addition, make sure your windshield wipers and headlights are in proper working order.

    If your vehicle is in need of seasonal maintenance, All Ways Towing and Transport can assist you. Along with our towing services and roadside assistance services, we offer a wide range of auto repair and maintenance services. Call our Fremont tow truck company at (877) 898-6993 to find out how we can improve your vehicle’s safety and performance. 

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