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    How All Ways Can Help You Maintain Your Car

    Last updated 2 months ago

    For over twenty years, All Ways Towing & Transport has also operated automotive repair facilities. All Ways Automotive provides services that can help you preserve your vehicle, so you can get the most out of it. They provide everything from standard oil changes to the more complicated repairs you may need. All technicians are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. All Ways Automotive is a member of the Automotive Service Association and Automotive Service Council, which means they can recommend the best shops to cover any repairs that need to be done while traveling out of the area. Lastly, the accommodating technicians pride themselves on spotting any issues early on through methodical inspections that can help to prevent more serious problems in the long term.

    If your car breaks down and leaves you stranded, don’t hesitate to call All Ways Towing & Transport, located in Hayward. We provide an array of towing services, as well as roadside assistance with 24/7 live dispatch. Call (877) 898-6993 to learn more.

    The Most Common Causes of Winter Breakdowns

    Last updated 2 months ago

    Even when the temperature drops and snow begins to fall, people still need to use their cars to get around. Winter breakdowns can easily happen, so it is important to maintain your car as best as possible when driving in the winter. Prior preparation can prevent the need to call a tow truck in freezing cold weather. Here are some common causes of winter breakdowns to be aware of.

    Regular Maintenance

    A lot of winter breakdowns can be attributed to the car not being serviced at its regular intervals. No matter what time of year, but especially in the wintertime, it is important to keep your car up to date. For example, batteries are an extremely common source of problems in cold weather, so consider checking your battery’s life before the season starts. Other aspects to keep in mind include oil changes, spark plug wires, and tire pressure, among others.

    The Cooling System & Gas Tank

    Anti-freeze will help protect your car in colder temperatures, so putting the right amount of coolant in your vehicle is critical. In the majority of areas across the country, cars need equal parts coolant and water, because this has a lower freezing point. Furthermore, it is advised to check if your cooling system has a leak before winter. It is also very important to make sure your gas tank is always full when going on longer drives, so you are not stranded in a remote area.

    Frozen Car Parts

    Oftentimes in the winter, various parts of your vehicle can freeze and cause unwanted problems. For example, windshield wipers can ice up. Consider turning them off before turning your car off to make sure that your wiper motor does not exhaust itself if you turn the car back on, and they are frozen to the windshield. It can also be a good idea to install wipers specially made for winter temperatures that have rubber on them to prevent ice from forming.

    If you experience a winter breakdown, All Ways Towing & Transport is here to help. Serving the Fremont area, we offer light-duty and heavy-duty towing services, along with roadside assistance, and more. Call us at (877) 898-6993, or visit our website for more information.

    Creating a Winter Emergency Kit for Your Car

    Last updated 2 months ago

    Winter breakdowns can happen, and it is best to be prepared for them when they do. Emergency kits are popular items in cars, but it is important to carry some additional items as well when the temperatures drop. For example, consider packing a heavy-duty ice scraper for your windshield, and a couple sand bags in your trunk to give your rear tires extra traction in the snow. Just in case you do get stuck, it is advised to have extra reserves of water and high-energy food to sustain you. Watch this video for more information on creating a winter emergency kit.

    Getting stuck in the wintertime is never easy. At All Ways Towing & Transport, we are quick to respond to your needs. We provide towing services, roadside assistance, and more in the Fremont area. For more information, call us at (510) 794-7800.

    A Guide to Choosing a Parking Spot

    Last updated 2 months ago

    There is a certain art to picking a parking spot. Sometimes you might have the benefit of an empty lot or garage all to yourself. Other times it might be so busy that you have to try to park in a tight space between two other vehicles. Choosing the right parking spot will help prevent any car damage, expensive tickets, or the need to call a towing company. Here is a simple guide to picking a parking spot.

    Knowing Your Vehicle        

    One of the most important parts of parking is being aware of the size of your vehicle, and what you can do with it. Knowing whether or not your car can easily fit into a tight space will help ensure that you will not damage your car or someone else’s. Additionally, knowing your driving ability, like whether or not you are skilled at parallel parking, is critical in choosing the right parking spot.

    Parking Legally

    When searching for a spot, it is crucial to park legally. Consider looking out for any signs that state you cannot park in certain areas. For example, it is advised to stay away from spots that require permits and areas that state no parking at all. Additionally, it is important to park between the lines and not take up more than one space.

    Looking Out for Other Vehicles & Hazards

    Picking a good spot involves being cognizant of your car, and also its surroundings. A lot of people want to park under a tree on a hot day due to the shade, but sometimes this is not the best idea. Branches can fall, and birds tend to gather there. Additionally, it is recommended to not park near a car that looks as if the owner does not care if it is damaged or not. For example, he or she might not care if they ding your car door.

    All Ways Towing & Transport is here to help you out whenever you need assistance. As Fremont’s premier towing company, we also provide roadside maintenance with a 24/7 live dispatch, and more. Call us today at (510) 794-7800 for more information.

    Winter Maintenance for Your Car

    Last updated 3 months ago

    When the winter draws near, a number of changes tend to occur. You may be switching from air conditioning to heating and packing up your tank tops in favor of sweaters. Your car is among the many things that are affected by the change of seasons, and failing to provide the proper maintenance may result in the necessity of tow truck services. Keep reading to learn what kind of winter maintenance is needed for your car.


    Regardless of the season, your brakes are arguably the most important component of your car. You should be checking your brakes regularly, and this becomes more important during the winter. Inclement weather is more likely to occur during the colder months of the year, so it is important to bolster your vehicle with the ability to handle the change. Snow is not the only type of winter weather that may make driving more difficult; sleet, hail, and freezing rain can also challenge drivers. Make sure that your brakes are in adequate condition before you find yourself in the thick of the winter season.

    Oil and Filter

    Talk to your preferred mechanic or auto repair shop before the winter sets in. You will want to check your oil and your filters to make sure that your car works as well throughout the winter as it does through the rest of the year. Ensure that your oil is clean and that the filter is functioning so you do not find yourself calling for roadside assistance during your next outing.


    Inspect your tire pressure as well as thread depth. Your tires are the only parts of your car that touch the ground, and tire pressure is affected by temperature; thus, this detail becomes more important throughout the winter. Check your tire pressure every week.

    If you need help with your car’s winter maintenance, call All Ways Towing and Transport at (510) 794-7800. We are a Fremont based tow truck company that provides quality roadside assistance. For more information about our towing services, please feel free to visit our website or stop by and see us today.

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